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The Pain of Panes: New Windows in Short Supply

Two-thirds of builders cited a glass shortage for windows, shower doorways, and so forth. The provide issue? A large amount of it is created in China, Mexico and India.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Glass joined the listing of creating elements in brief source. A vary of industries, such as shower doorway suppliers and window installers, report glass shortages.

Virtually two-thirds of home builders cited windows as their most significant content shortage, according to a latest survey from John Burns True Estate Consulting. Rounding out the major 4 in more shortages are lumber, engineered wooden products and solutions and concrete.

Window delays could variety from 4 to 15 weeks, although some are stretching up to 45 months.

Why glass? An intercontinental logistics backlog led to shortages of glass and other components, experts say. Several glass suppliers have moved operations overseas, and China, Mexico and India ordinarily export the most glass and stone to the U.S.

The issue also impacts other industries. The glass scarcity has in particular influenced the supply of glass jars and bottles, a contributor to the mounting price of grocery merchandise recently.

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