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Latest Living Room Décor Tips

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Modern living room designs follow the principle of ‘less is more’. Hence, while designing your living room decor, you have to ensure that you only incorporate minimal yet functional items. This will help to create an organised and minimalistic setup. If you are not sure how to design the latest living rooms, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 08 Choose an open layout design

Many modern homeowners are opting for open layouts for their living rooms. They have become immensely popular in recent times. This is because an open layout gives you the complete freedom of using your free space effectively. Besides making the interiors more spacious, an open layout will give a more airy look. To create an open layout, you have to choose a uniform colour scheme for the adjacent rooms. As a result, the entire area will appear unified. 

02 of 08 Allow natural light to enter

You must never ignore the importance of natural light in your interiors. Besides enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the interiors, natural light helps to keep negative energies away from the place. While designing your modern living room, you must ensure that sufficient natural light can enter indoors. There are various ways to do so. For instance, you can opt for french windows or fixed windows that feature large glass sashes so that light can enter without any interruption. Similarly, large glass doors are available as well that you can install in your living room to allow more natural light to enter. 

03 of 08 Always use neutral colours in small spaces 

Using the wrong colours for your living room can completely diminish its appeal. Choosing the right colours is very crucial. If your living room is small, you must be very careful while choosing the colours. Experts always suggest opting for neutral colours like beige, white, or grey. The reason behind this is that light hues reflect more light and make a space appear larger than it is. Using dark colours in a small space will make the space appear even smaller. If you feel that using only neutral colours is making the space appear boring, you can introduce some pop colours by creating an accent wall or throwing in soft furnishings like cushions, rugs, etc. While adding multiple colours to the setups, make sure they complement each other.  

04 of 08 Opt for sleek furniture pieces

Experts always suggest opting for comfortable, sleek, and minimal furniture pieces in modern living room decor designs. Unlike traditional setups, modern living rooms focus more on simplicity and functionality. Hence, you must not choose bulky ornate pieces that can make your room appear cluttered. Make sure you take the upholstery into consideration as well. Commonly used upholstery options in modern living room designs are leather and natural fabrics. 

 05 of 08 Incorporate natural materials in the setup

Using natural materials in modern setups has become a trend. There are many options you can choose from to design your living room. Commonly used items include wood, bamboo, and even stone. By using these elements, you will be able to give your living room decor a very posh look and make it appear warmer and more welcoming. You can use wall accents, furniture pieces, and many other items made of natural materials to decorate your living room. 

06 of 08 Should have sufficient storage

Sufficient storage is a priority in modern living rooms. To ensure that your modern living room stays clutter-free at all times and you can store all your essentials within your hand’s reach, you can opt for smart built-in storage in your living room design. You can use these storage options to store all the items that are not used frequently. There are lots of options you can choose that come with built-in storage like a bookshelf, TV unit, and even a sofa. 

07 of 08 Choose items with a metallic finish 

If you want to give your living room a posh and elegant look, incorporate polished metallic finishes in the living room such as chrome and stainless steel. You can incorporate them in various ways like in the mirror frames, various wall accessories, lights, steel furniture pieces, doorknobs, drawer and cabinet handles, and many more.

They will surely add to the visual interest of the living room design

08 of 08 Showcase minimal accessories 

If you want to use various accessories and decor items to enhance the appeal of your home, make sure you only choose minimal items. As mentioned earlier, modern living rooms feature a minimalistic design. Hence, you must consider hanging a large piece of abstract modern art on the wall instead of many small pieces in groups. As a result, the minimal accessories will complement the minimal furniture pieces and room design.