Real Estate Characteristics

Real estate has several unique characteristics that affect its value. There are economic characteristics and physical characteristics. Real estate is a product to be purchased but it is different from anything else due to the characteristics that will be discussed here. The economic characteristics that influence value are scarcity, improvements, […]

Why You Should Recycle Coffee Grounds for Plants

Did you know you can recycle coffee grounds for plants to use in your garden? Horticulturists praise coffee grounds for acidifying soil and enhancing plant growth. Coffee grounds are slightly acidic (5.5 to 6.8 pH), so certain acid-loving plants like azaleas, rhododendrons and gardenias love them. Azaleas prefer soil with […]

Are Nectar Mattresses Worth It?

After sleeping in a queen-size bed with Jon and let’s face it sometimes the kids for over 10 years, I was ready for an update. We had purchased that queen mattress right when we got engaged and we will be celebrating 17 years of marriage in January! Wow! For the […]

6 Bathroom Upgrade Ideas to Improve a Home Value

When investing in property updates to boost resale worth, the lavatory has the optimum return on investment. Investing in a toilet enhance will enchantment to foreseeable future buyers although making your home sense additional comfortable and welcoming for you.  As rest room renovations can be highly-priced and disruptive, it is […]