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Security cameras are not just an option anymore. A security surveillance system in today’s world needs to be a priority. Thieves or other individuals with malicious intent these days are more advanced and have developed better ways to break into your homes. Therefore, it is quite important to install an advanced surveillance system in your home.

A home surveillance system should include wifi-enabled and wireless security cameras, both outdoors and indoors. Along with that, the system should have a proper alarm system. Most of the good security cameras already have in-built cameras. There are other camera-specific features like night vision, two-way talk, spotlights, and more. 

We will talk about these security-related features and ways in this article. Keep reading!

Types of security cameras your home needs today

People often end their security journey with outdoor cameras. That should not be the case. You need to protect both your home indoors and outdoors equally. You can’t install outdoor cameras for securing the indoors. Let’s look at the type of cameras you need for a complete home surveillance system. 

Indoor Cameras

An indoor security camera is designed to monitor the indoors of your home. It should have features like night vision, a privacy shutter, two-way talk, motion sensing, and smart tracking. Additionally, the camera should come with various mounting options and should blend with the interiors. Some of the good indoor cameras offer 360-degree coverage along with built-in alarm systems.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras should be more durable in nature. An outdoor camera should be able to withstand any weather including excessive heat, rain, winters, etc. Additionally, the outdoor cameras should come equipped with coloured night vision, perimeter zoning, motion sensitivity, and more. 

Since outdoor cameras are the first layer of your home security, these cameras should come with defence features like spotlights and an alarm system. 

Currently, Airtel Xsafe’s line of security products includes both indoor and outdoor cameras. The cameras offered by Airtel Xsafe are equipped with the right features to ensure your home’s security. 

Airtel Xsafe security cameras

The Airtel Xsafe offers both security cameras and a full-fledged security plan for your home. The plan offers users the option to save the daily recordings on a cloud, enable simultaneous viewing, adjust the motion sensitivity, and more. 

Currently, there are 3 different kinds of Airtel Xsafe security cameras.

  • Active Defence Cam
  • Sticky Cam
  • 360O Cam

Let’s compare all Airtel Xsafe cameras based on the features that these security cameras offer.

FeaturesActive Defence CamSticky Cam360 Cam
Full HD Video
Two-way talk
Wifi & Ethernet 
Night Vision✔ (Up to 30 m)✔ (Up to 12 m)✔ (Up to 10 m)
Person detection
In-built alarm
Smart Tracking
Magnetic Base
Motion detection
Dual Antenna
Water and Dustproof

Pick any of these cameras or as recommended, both indoor and outdoor cameras, and contact the Airtel security experts for Airtel CCTV camera installation and more security-related tips. You can book a free consultation from Airtel Xsafe’s official website. Pick up your phone today to secure your home better!

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