Time to Decorate Your Christmas Tree: The Top Ten Tree Trends for 2022


If you haven’t started thinking about Christmas tree decorations yet, there is still time! And you can still read up and research the latest Christmas decorating trends if you want to use any of them as inspiration for your own decorating. Then, of course, you can make your decorations, but sometimes it helps to buy them from a store. For example, Royal Design is an online store that offers various interior decorations and lighting that you could also look at to get inspiration or even some products for your own Christmas tree decorating, especially if you want to follow any decoration trends for this year. 

Wooden Decorations and Sustainability

The first two Christmas tree decorating trends of this year are wooden decorations and sustainable decorations. With these two trends, you don’t need to choose one or the other because wooden decorations would be classified as sustainable, so you can follow both trends at once. In addition, wooden decorations are not only trending when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree but also as decor for mantelpieces, shelves and tables. 

Classic Colours or Blue and White?

Here you’re going to have to make a decision. Do you stick with the classic Christmas colours of red and gold, trending, or do you try something new with another trend of blue and white Christmas tree decorations? Choosing red and gold decorations will create a timeless look, and both of these colours complement the green colour of the Christmas tree. However, a blue and white colour scheme is extremely sophisticated and creates a timeless look. 

Maximalist or Minimalist?

The next two competing trends choose either a maximalist or a minimal approach. A maximalist approach involves choosing bright colours and many different decorations, which should all be bold and fun. So, for example, you can have a big, colourful green traditional tree with many colourful ornaments. However, minimalist might be more up your alley, which usually involves a neutral colour scheme, focusing on white, brown, beige and grey. So, for example, you may have a wooden or small white tree filled with simple ornaments.

Nostalgic and Vintage

There’s something quite special about a nostalgic Christmas tree. That’s why this is one of the trends for this year. Think about Christmas when you were a child and channel this into your Christmas tree. Or you could still throw it back but focus on vintage decorations. This trend focuses on soft colours, fine details, and textures. 

Laid Back or Glitz and Glam?

Of course, when decorating your tree, you will have to choose between a simpler, nature-inspired focus for your Christmas tree or if you would prefer something a bit more shiny and classy. If you choose a slightly more low-key approach, then everything you desire when decorating will be to accentuate the tree and use the greenery as part of your decor. However, if you choose glitz and glam, your ornaments are the show’s star. 

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