Splendours of red wine

If you want to keep your wine stock ready for serving then put them in built-in wine fridges so that the bottles get the required temperature. Besides that, if someone has a diverse wine collection then they can get benefitted from dual-zone wine fridges which ease the life of the wine fanatics. Using different sauces with different spicy and crispy foods is fabulous like steak in red wine sauce. The aromas and flavours of Spanish wine (red) give dishes a tremendous boost. If you are intending to cook steak in red wine for a weeknight meal, that is surely a magnificent idea to implement instantly.

Steak prepared in red wine sauce

If you want to prepare steak in red wine sauce then you should have parsley (chopped), black pepper (ground), salt, thyme leaves, ketchup, chicken broth, red wine (dry), flour, mushrooms (sliced), shallots (medium-sized), strip steak (grass-fed) and oil spray (olive).

Recipe to cook a steak using red wine

For preparation to terminate, the fat that is visible from the steak has then turned the heat to medium and heated the skillet. Then spray olive oil in the skillet, add steak in it and let it brown. Both sides will consume up to 2 minutes. Reduce heat to medium and then add mushrooms and shallots to the space that is open of the skillet. Again cook for 2 minutes. Put the steak after this whole process on a cutting board till you prepare the sauce. 

Now, mix vegetables and the flour in the skillet until they dissolve well and turn the heat to medium-high and then pour wine into it. Cook it for one minute and then add thyme, ketchup and broth. To condense the sauce so that it relieves the liquid, cook it for approximately 3 minutes. Add pepper and salt for better taste. Now cut your steak and place it on plates and then put red wine sauce on it and spread with parsley. Put aside the frying pan to pinnacle potatoes.

Leftover red wine

Red wine is not just good for drinking purposes but it also helps in making your dishes mouthwatering. So, don’t waste the red wine that is just left and you don’t want to drink it more. Desserts, sauces, and stews can be all made from red wine (Burgundy or Pinot Noir) and their taste will get better. To tenderise meat, deglaze the pan, build taste and chasm into the dish you’re cooking, any typical red wine can accomplish the artifice. You can even use red wine to marinate vegetables and short ribs of beef overnight then use that in the braise. Spring vegetable aid lighten the affluent stir. Besides that, you can also make chorizo poached with red wine until it becomes juicy and plump.


If you think red wine is just good for drinking purposes you might be mistaken because there are plenty of things that can be prepared well using red wine. So, if you are just done with drinking wine then consume the remaining to make some sauce, dessert or any other dish.

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