Modular Mansions – Modular Homes Make Luxury Affordable

The Heritage, a 6800 square foot home appraised at $895,000, provides a breathtaking example of what the newest home construction technologies and trends are making available to homebuyers through modular homes.

Called the “modular mansion”, this immaculate home is the most recent custom modular home offering from Building Systems Network, a nationwide modular homes builder and designer of custom modular home plans. The Homestead is one of the largest and highest appraised home built by Building Systems Network, and demonstrates the trend in American homebuilding of combining the advanced technologies of the modular building process with hand-craftsmanship and custom finishes to provide luxurious homes at significantly less cost than that required by a traditional site built home.

The Heritage not only demonstrates the elegance and innovation of BSN’s custom modular home designs, but also the infinite possibilities available to homebuyers through modular home technology. Modular homes are constructed in the same steps as traditionally built homes but, because many of the components are pre-constructed, homes require less “site-building” time and are completed at a fraction of a traditional home build. Modular homes are also built with stronger components than traditional site built homes, utilizing ten to fifteen percent more construction materials to ensure the maximum strength and durability of all home components.

Grant Smereczynsky, CEO of Building Systems Network, is actively encouraging consumers to take advantage of the benefits and opportunities available to them through new homebuilding technologies and trends, and to educate themselves on the possibilities provided by modular homes.

“The Homestead and other BSN modular homes represent a significant development in home construction technologies, and a brighter future for homebuyers,” Smereczynsky says. “Homebuyers of modular homes reap the benefits of the cost savings provided by the systems-built process while attaining their dream home exactly the way they envisioned it.”

Some of the benefits of utilizing the modular homes, systems-built construction process are significantly reduced construction time, which saves interest on construction loans, as well as considerable savings in materials costs due to the high-volume purchasing abilities of systems-built production facilities.

Modular homes, or systems-built homes, are constructed under optimum building conditions within controlled environments at fractions of the cost and time required by traditional site-built homes. Since the modular homebuilder provides 80 to 85 percent of the home, buyers do not face the risk of giving money to a builder and not having a home built to their specifications.

Additionally, unlike modular homes, site-built homes are exposed to unfavorable weather conditions during the construction process, making the home vulnerable to water or weather damage, and increasing the costs of the project by adding additional materials and replacement components.

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