Everything You Need to Know About Tesla Powerwall Alternatives

The Tesla Powerwall has swept the battery backup industry as the most popular choice with its sleek battery feature that gives a ton of insight into a residential solar power system.  It has been leading the way in home solar energy as an ideal energy storage system providing a home with more energy independence and versatility since its release in 2015.

But, is it the only choice?  More companies are investing in the power of battery backups with features that compare to the Tesla Powerwall.  Get to know the Tesla Powerwall and its alternatives that you can use as a cost-effective energy storage solution at home.

Tesla Powerwall Upgrades and Review

Tesla has been rebranding and upgrading its powerwall battery storage with increased potential to store energy at home using a smart system.  What puts it at the top of the market?

  • The total cost of installing one Tesla powerwall battery system is $11,000.
  • You can get a tax credit equal to 26% of the installation costs bringing the total cost down to $8,140.
  • Some states have solar battery incentives that you can use on top of the federal tax credit.  This can reduce the cost of installing a Tesla Powerwall by 50%.
  • Best technical specifications:
  • Operating modes include solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup
  • Total energy capacity is 14kWh
  • Usable energy capacity is 13.5kWh
  • Power rating peaks at 7kW and 5kW for continuous usage
  • Round trip efficiency is at 90%.  For every 10kWh energy sent to the Powerwall, 9kWh is stored for future use
  • Depth of discharge is 100% which means you can use 100% of the stored energy without causing damage to the battery.
  • Has a warranty that guarantees the battery will operate at least 70% of its capacity after 10 years.

Tesla Powerwall Competitors

    LG Chem RESU

One of the newest yet considered as the biggest competitor of the Tesla Powerwall is this home battery storage system created by a company that makes residential solar panels. Its outstanding features include:

  • Price is $4,000 ( inverter and installation cost not included).
  • Stores excess energy that is collected during a home’s lowest energy consumption period and disperses it during peak energy consumption periods.
  • Charges and discharges over a traditional 24-hour period.
  • Has a 12.4 kWh larger-size home battery setup that is adequate for most homes.
  • Aesthetically appealing with its futuristic style.


Produced by a German company, this home energy storage unit varies in capacity and can hold up to 16kWh of energy.  The 5kWh model is the most economical and the most popular size of this unit and is significantly smaller in size than its competitors.  The features that would make this battery storage system a top choice are:

  • A smart system that allows you to manage where energy is being sent.
  • A system that can allow for add-on banks up to 20kWh.
  • Collects data to create an energy profile that the battery backup system will use to learn about your power needs and solar capacity over time.
  • Costs $5,950, including an inverter (for a unit that can hold up to 4kWh)

    Powervault 3

The Powervault 3 is aimed to allow homeowners to save money on electrical power, reducing carbon footprint and decreasing reliance on the grid.  Its competitive features are:

  • Less costly than its rivals.
  • The manufacturer recycles about 99 percent of the lead used in its lead-acid batteries.
  • Has a special portal where you can control the energy use, state of charge, and performance of the battery.
  • The system is easy to install.
  • All necessary elements are included in the initial price
  • Batteries are safely sealed, do not emit gases, are equipped with temperature sensing and over-voltage protection devices, and do not need additional maintenance.

Solar Battery Storage Solutions 

The Tesla Powerwall and its alternatives are solar battery solutions that allow you to use stored power when there is a power outage.  Select the right product that will provide backup power supply with AC-coupling to avoid electrocuting someone who will be fixing the problem in case grid voltage drops.  

Your solar battery should come in handy if you have frequent blackouts and unreliable utilities.  While considering Tesla Powerwall alternatives, balance the cost with your power needs and potential installation fees so that you will get the best deal.

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