AAS Home Security Systems Review

AAS Security Systems have been a popular household name in the home security industry. The company is renowned for their remarkable security alarm systems which have shielded countless residences in the United States for a long time now. Wireless alarm is among their various expertise. They offer fast and easy to setup alarm systems that are truly ground-breaking.

For a cost-effective substitute to hardwired alarm systems and downright costly home monitoring services, check out the AAS 600 wireless home security system. There won’t be any monthly service fees, like what you’ll get with monitored alarms,and it has continuously earned a top-quality rating from its market.

This award-winning product comes with a two-way voice, remote control capability, as well as an Auto-Dialer. These functionalities are given as part of the basic kit, and not as upgrade options. The only failing of this device is with its upgrading potential. It will require you to use parts that are particularly designed for the system. Unlike most hardwired systems that would allow you to use devices from other providers, and some would even support wireless products for easy integration to your current setup.

This AAS 600 wireless system is also packed with 32 alarm zones, that can be expanded to a maximum of 96 zones. This is more than sufficient to shield the average home. It also provides professional grade specifications, such as rolling code technology, indoor and outdoor sirens, and alarms you in the event that your phone line is cut.

Another of AAS’ popular product is the AAS 100 Wireless Home Security Alarm System. This easy to install alarm system provides 32 defensive zones with three sensors in each zone. An auxiliary power backup system enables the unit to operate even during power blackouts. Memory capacity is big enough to store six phone numbers.

The AAS-V500 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit gives you and your family the peace of mind that only the most sophisticated wireless alarm system may give. It’s the most inexpensive, technologically advanced, yet user-friendly and install wireless home or office security systems available today. The wire-free AAS will check out your house continuously whether you are home or on a vacation. A full-featured wireless security system that unites the most sought after security functionality in a simple and economical package.

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