A Review of Nopalea and TriVita From an MLM Industry Standpoint

Has Nopalea, the most recent offering from the health and wellness company TriVita, shown up on your radar screen yet? As an active, thriving member of the MLM home business community, I’m always interested in what’s new on the MLM horizon. As a firm believer in the importance of overall health and fitness (and my wife being a bit of a nutritional supplement fanatic), the health and wellness industry particularly catches my attention. With that said, with this being a review of both the product and the company, let me clarify right now by making it clear that I AM NOT affiliated with TriVita nor do I use any of their products…at least not at this time.

Let’s begin with a look at the juice itself. That’s correct, ONE MORE nutrition drink So what’s the skinny on Nopalea? In case you’re wondering, I consider myself (and my wife Beth) to be pretty well qualified to do this review from both a network marketing industry standpoint and a nutritional MLM point of view because of my experience and success in the industry, and my past experience with a very successful company and their notable nutritional products.

Back to the Nopalea juice. From all of the info I’ve encountered, TriVita certainly has the research to back up their claims about the antioxidant punch of the fruit of the Nopal Cactus, a.k.a Prickly Pear Cactus, the main ingredient of their new flagship product. Currently, there have been more than 280 scientific papers published on the benefits and properties of the Nopal Cactus. In other words, it’s good stuff. So the product seems to have merit.

However (how come there always seems to be a but?), you’re still dealing with yet another health and wellness product (which by the way is a fantastic industry), and yet another nutrition juice with super antioxidants. How this plays out in real life is, while it’s great to be passionate about your product(s) (like my wife is with these things), don’t let it be your focal point if you choose to make TriVita your primary (or even secondary) MLM home business. Regardless of your product, you should be promoting YOU and Your System, and not your juice. More on that later.

Let’s look at the company now. Trivita is a nutraceutical company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m sure that people will look at this from two points of view. One being that it’s a great positive to have an reputable and long-standing company over 10 years old with a great track record, and the other being that it’s been around too long already and you want to start out at the top of a really fast rising company. From an industry viewpoint, the former is definitely better. Lots of these new companies are here today and gone before 2 years have passed…likely the amount of time it would take you (especially without the correct system in place) to get to the place where there is more income than outgo in your business. That would really stink!

Even though this is not what is termed a “ground floor opportunity,” with TriVita’s newest product, Sonoran Bloom Nopalea, together with their recently restructured pay plan, the opportunity is yours to be a part of what may possibly be a pretty good “growth spurt.” They’re also utilizing an innovative marketing strategy that includes marketing their products through their own website and TV infomercials in addition to the customary network of independent affiliates. Approaching their marketing plan from a different angle, the company is selling customer leads to its affiliates through what has been termed the “Media Acquisition Program” (MAP), and they call this method of shared marketing “Cooperative Marketing.”

However (here comes that but again), there is a definite negative to this type of marketing system, and that is the cost. even though it is truly inexpensive to get started with TriVita for even those in extreme financial distress, the marketing program is not. While it appears that this system provides an alternative solution for people to actually get prospects to enroll as well as acquire some customers so they are able to begin generating some earnings, the expenses are a little too much for too many folks just starting out.

After all, the low expense of getting started in a MLM home business, along with the beauty of leveraging, is what draws so many folks into a network marketing business to begin with. That was definitely how it was for us. DISCLAIMER here: First, other factors may have an effect on the expense of the marketing plan (like earning “free” prospects from your upline), so perform YOUR OWN research to get all of the specifics, and Number Two, it has yet to be established that this marketing system really produces results.

CORRECTION/ADDITION: Some information regarding TriVita’s “Cooperative Marketing” business model was brought to my attention by a TriVita associate, and since this marketing plan is one of the things that is unique about and draws attention to this MLM opportunity, I thought it only fair to add that information here.

This cooperative marketing plan involves TriVita’s generating paying customers from their tv, radio and other advertising which in turn can be purchased by their affiliates at a cost of $50 each, with affiliates being able to buy up to 100/month (at the time of this writing). Let me be clear that these are not leads, but customers who have already purchased product from the company. This is something quite unique in the MLM industry, and I thought it worth adding the correct information here.

Through my research it is my understanding that in addition to providing customers for “sale”, if one chooses to join the company at the associate level, Trivita gives the new associate up to 25 buying customers, which gives them a pretty good jump start. However, I am not certain of the cost of joining at the associate level.

My supposition about Nopalea and TriVita from a MLM home business and industry standpoint? While I’m not an advocate for it personally, any person can see from the documented study that has been done on the Nopalea Cactus that the product has merit. And you certainly can’t accuse a well established 10+ year old nutrition company of being a scam, so we agree that it is a stable company, and it seems to be working at being current and relevant in both their pay plan and their marketing strategy. Now whether or not these points are worthy of your further study is totally your call.

I’m going to provide you with some valuable info here: regardless of how “great” the product or company is, you should NEVER lead with those aspects of your business as part of your marketing system. If you’ve read any of my articles before, you’ll recognize this as a recurring thread, because it’s that crucial to your achieving success. Securing the best marketing system and implementing it for your MLM home business is key, whether you’re just a beginner or are a long timer at trying to develop your business for 2, 5 or even 10 years. So don’t just perform your investigation on a product or company, be certain you have the right marketing system in place, and you will soar to heights you’ve only dreamed of in your business.

Keep it Real & Keep Taking Action!

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