15 Inexpensive Raised Garden Bed Ideas

raised garden bed ideas

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If you’ve long been passionate about gardening, you likely have a strong opinion about raised beds. Unlike in-ground gardens, raised beds — also known as garden boxes that are positioned above ground — have a much longer growing season. They also don’t require the excessive tilling that can come along with a traditional garden. Rather than working tirelessly to keep your garden soil free of weeds and pests year after year, raised beds can act as a barrier. And that’s not their only benefit: they make it easier for soil to drain better, too.

Curious about how to build a garden bed? Click through for 15 gorgeous raised garden bed ideas that are perfect for small spaces or homeowners who are simply searching for an inexpensive way to add more personality to an outdoor area.

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Tiered Design

Go for a design with a garden bed on top and a shelf for supplies on the bottom! Take a cue from Inspired By Charm to make this convenient setup that’s perfect if you’re lacking the space for a garden plot.

Get the tutorial at Inspired By Charm »

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Metal Bed

Metal tables aren’t just for serving drinks on your patio. Give yours an entirely new look by making it a garden bed, which is great for Irish moss and succulents.

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Portable Beds

If you need a simple way to keep your tomatoes and lettuce separate, consider a wooden garden bed. Bonus: Add casters to the bottom, so that you can move them around your space all summer long.

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Symmetrical Look

Can’t decide how to take your garden to the next level? Embrace a uniform look by sticking with a few pairs of garden beds boasting the same style.

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Colorful Florals

Balance a rustic wood box with vibrant flowers that showcase the colors of summer.

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Galvanized Steel

The perfect blend of style and function, galvanized steel buckets can make for brilliant raised garden beds. Add plant labels for an extra dose of charm.

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Pop of Red

Inject personality into an outdoor space with bright red plant troughs, filled with everything from spinach to parsley.

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Handmade Look

You can never go wrong with a handmade wood design that’s ideal for growing vegetables (think zucchini or radishes) right on your porch.

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Wooden Ladder

If you have a wooden ladder that you no longer need, dress it up with a garden bed and an arrangement of potted plants.

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Salad Garden

Use your wooden box to grow your very own salad greens, like green leaf lettuce, romaine and radicchio.

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Light Wood

Offset lush green plants with a light-colored wood box for visual interest.

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Repurposed Crates

Enhance a wood fence with repurposed crates, which will make draining soil a breeze.

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Farmhouse Style

If you can’t get enough of the farmhouse aesthetic, tin planters are a must-have.

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Brick by Brick

There’s no reason why durable bricks can’t be used as garden beds. You can even paint them in bold hues if you’re really up for showing off your creativity.

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Uniformed Beauty

A rectangular or square layout, featuring decorative plants and flowers, is a no-fail way to highlight your outdoor area.

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