New Home Interior Design Ideas

Many interior design students want to get into new home interior design. It is a fun career with lots of interaction with people. When people purchase a new home, they immediately want to start on designing. This is where the educated interior designer comes in handy. They will instruct their […]

Closet Design Ideas For Your Home

When looking at a home to purchase, prospective homeowners are almost always interested in the amount of closet space. Walk-in closets have become the norm and more popular in recent years. It is possible to use some choices from the many closet design ideas to take advantage of space in […]

Eco-Friendly Home Renovation Strategies

In the current times of eco awareness and global warming it is essential that anything someone does has an eco-friendly influence to it. In one of the most booming industries known as home construction, home renovation has taken an eco-friendly stance. Read on to know more on some of the […]

An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Paint Finish in 2022 


We all know that wall colours make or mar the mood of a room. However, colours aren’t the only factor which adds character and depth to your space. The finish of wall paint is equally important in contributing to the overall aesthetics of your space. Wall finishes add an element […]