How to Hang a Picture

Regardless of whether you happen to be plotting out an expansive gallery wall or hanging a single piece of cost-effective artwork, it’s a relatively simple activity the common home owner can get on by themselves. There are no electrical power instruments vital — generally just a hammer, a nail, and a level.

But there are a couple of factors you ought to know just before you travel something into drywall, plaster, or even brick — like what sort of components to use, how to pick the ideal top, and how to come across a wall stud. The advanced organizing is properly truly worth the exertion: It will preserve you from putting needless holes in the wall, a oversight that can price tag you both equally time and funds.

one. Consider the wall surface

  • Drywall: If the wall you happen to be working with is built from drywall, you happen to be in luck — this is the best materials to perform with, considering the fact that it’s an simple materials to penetrate. Just be confident to locate a wall stud, considering the fact that hanging immediately on drywall is not going to supply a secure anchor. If a stable stud is just not out there, it’s significant to use a drywall anchor to dangle images.
  • Plaster: These partitions (frequently observed in more mature households) are a very little trickier, as they have a tendency to crumble. Technique the method exact same way you would when working with drywall: Seem for a wall stud for the most secure anchor. Just be aware that when hanging images on a plaster wall, it’s often a excellent concept to pre-drill your gap. To protect against crumbling, location a piece of painter’s tape on the wall just before drilling.
  • Brick: If your partitions are brick, you can need to have to use a wall anchor. And use a masonry bit on your drill to drill into mortar, not the true brick.

    two. Select your hanging components

    If you’ve at any time appeared at the back again of a photo body, you know there are many components alternatives, including D-rings, sawtooth hangers, and wire. Some frames even arrive with a lot more than one option. So which one ought to you pick? The quick remedy: It depends on what approach you happen to be most snug with. In this article, a couple of alternatives:

    • How to dangle a photo with a nail: A single nail can possible do the trick and is best approach if the body arrives with a hook or sawtooth hanger, states Rachel Rothman, chief technologist and director of engineering at the Superior Housekeeping Institute. This approach also leaves the least amount of money of problems in its wake, considering the fact that straightforward nail holes can be as small as pin dots. Driving the nail into a wall stud will present the most support, especially for something above about 5 lbs. Just be confident to travel the nail in at a diploma angle, states Rothman.
    • How to dangle a photo with wire: For better balance, consider hanging your photo with a wire suspended among two D-rings opposite each individual other, states Rothman. The method is the exact same as it is when hanging a photo with nails, just two-fold.
    • And how to dangle a photo with no nails: If you happen to be hesitant to make any holes in your partitions, adhesive-backed photo hooks and strips are fantastic alternatives for lighter frames. (Look at the manufacturer’s technical specs, but these alternatives generally max out all-around fifteen lbs, states Rothman.) These items are also fantastic for plaster and brick surfaces, considering the fact that these wall components are a lot more prone to crumbling and cracking.

      3. Measure the best top

      To measure the ideal top like a pro, memorize this reality: Eye level is about fifty seven to sixty inches from the ground, states Rothman. Given that the center of the portray ought to sit at this top, you can need to have to do a very little bit of math to get it just ideal. Our GHI pro tip: Choose the top of the body, divide it by two, subtract the length from the top rated of the body to the components, then insert sixty.

      four. Make confident it’s completely level

      Once you verify the top at which you can dangle your photo, use a pencil to mark the wall. If you happen to be making use of a wire or a lot more than one hook, use a level to guarantee the marks are at the exact same top, states Rothman. If the place slopes, feel no cost to cheat a bit to make it glimpse straight.

      5. Last but not least, dangle your photo

      Now, you can at last set your decor on the wall. Once secure on the wall, use a level one a lot more time, tweaking as vital, to guarantee everything is just ideal.

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